Accidents in Arkansas Caused by Tailgating

I recently read a story about a study put out by Michelin North America that documents how common tailgating is in Arkansas and around the country. According to the study, 74% of drivers say someone tailgated them in the past six months. But only 11% admit to tailgating someone else.

The study also states that almost half of automobile drivers surveyed don’t know the proper recommended distance to keep behind the car in front of them.

In an Arkansas car accident case, the jury is provided the following instruction found in the Arkansas Model Instructions.

AMI 902
When two vehicles are traveling in the same direction, the vehicle in the front has the superior right to the use of the highway, and the driver behind must use ordinary care to operate his vehicle in recognition of this superior right. This does not relieve the driver of the forward vehicle of the duty to use ordinary care and to obey the rules of the road.

A large percentage of accident cases handled by the Pfeifer Law Firm involving rear end collisions that cause personal injuries. Most of the time, these car accidents are caused by vehicles that are following too close or tailgating. It is imperative that Arkansas drivers keep a proper lookout for the forward vehicle so that they can stop quickly if needed. Car accidents involving rear end collisions can cause serious personal injuries and can be avoided if drives use more caution and ordinary care.

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