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SEARCY, AR – A collision in Searcy Monday evening claimed the life of a motorcycle rider, according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Police said the incident occurred on Market Street just after 6:30 p.m. Investigators determined that 23-year-old Tanner Neal of Searcy was driving a Suzuki Kawasaki when he failed to yield the right of way to a northbound Toyota Corolla.

The vehicles collided and Neal was transported to Unity Health, where he was pronounced dead.

HOT SPRING CO., AR – A Melvern woman was killed in a motorcycle crash on Highway 84 yesterday.

According to a report by Arkansas 911, 30-year-old Jessica Berry was riding a Honda motorcycle east when she crossed the center line and crashed into an oncoming Chevrolet pickup truck.

Both the motorcycle and the pickup skidded off the roadway and caught fire. Berry died after being pinned underneath the truck.

PINE BLUFF, AR – A motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries after colliding with an SUV at a busy Pine Bluff intersection yesterday.

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the crash occurred shortly after 3 p.m. as the driver of the SUV attempted to turn left from 28th Avenue to Apple Street.

The motorcyclist was heading east on 28th Ave and slammed into the SUV. The driver of the SUV remained at the scene and was cited for failure to yield.

SPRINGDALE, AR – A man was killed after a vehicle struck his moped on I-49 in Springdale on Sunday night.

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 57-year-old Ricky N. Holbrooks was heading north on the interstate around 11:15 p.m. when he was rear-ended by another driver.

Police say the moped did not have its lights on at the time of the crash.

Car crashes due to ice and snow are scary, for everyone involved.    If you can stay home, it’s always best to stay off the roadways.  But we all know that our essential workers have no choice but to get to work – we NEED them, and thankful for them – and there are times that we just have to get out there for various reasons.   Here are some tips to help:

Tips for Driving on the Roadways during Inclement Weather:

  •     Only drive on ice and snow if you feel comfortable doing so
  •     Remove ALL ice and snow from your vehicle before you leave the driveway
  •     Use four-wheel drive or a traction-control system if possible
  •     Know that ice can be ‘invisible’
  •     If you start to slide, steer the same direction as your back wheels are moving
  •     Do NOT ‘slam’ on the brakes
  •     Allow plenty of space between you and the forward vehicle
  •     Avoid using cruise control
  •     Drive in a lower gear
  •     Drive a little under the speed limit

Car Accident Statistics for Winter Weather Continue reading ›

It’s not often that victims and their family members get the justice they deserve after hit and run motorcycle accidents in Arkansas. Arkansas has relatively few cameras in public areas and on traffic lights fixtures when compared to more urbanized areas of the country. That makes identifying and tracking down at-fault drivers much more difficult. Accident investigators have to rely on eyewitness testimony and physical evidence (such as tire impressions) left at the scene of the crime in order to focus in on potential suspects. However, sometimes, when all the pieces fall into place, justice is served. Such was the case last month when a motorcycle accident in Little Rock, Arkansas ended in tragedy.

A young man was riding his motorcycle along Asher Avenue in Little Rock when he was struck and killed by a Cadillac Escalade. He was ejected from the bike and the motorcycle burst into flames. The SUV drove off after rolling over the victim and sped away. Eyewitnesses to the motorcycle accident called emergency services but the victim had passed away by the time EMTs arrived. Continue reading ›

Motorcycle accidents in Arkansas are devastating no matter how serious they are.   Even an ‘every-day’ crash can cause life-altering injuries for any individual involved.  However, the risk of fatality is also extremely high.  Indeed, not only are motorcyclists more likely to be involved in crashes than automobile operators, they’re more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a crash. Statistics collected by the Insurance Information Institute show that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in a crash than their automobile operating cousins.

However, out of all the types of motorcycle collisions (rear-end, sideswiping, “right-hook”), there’s one that’s more deadly than all the rest combined:  head-on collisions.

Head-On Collisions Represent Lion’s Share of Fatal Crashes

The vast majority of fatal motorcycle accidents in Arkansas involve head-on collisions. Those are crashes during which one (or sometimes both) vehicles stray from their designated lane and collide with the other at speed. Some estimates crafted from crash statistics suggest that over 77% of all fatal motorcycle accidents are head-on collisions. Continue reading ›

A fatal motorcycle accident in Arkansas earlier this month claimed the life of not only the operator of the bike but his passenger as well. The crash happened in Fayetteville on February 23rd at around 5:30 PM along Bunce Road (near the intersections with Portsmouth Drive and Pleasant Street). Initial police investigations reveal that the 26-year-old operator of the motorcycle collided with an SUV traveling in the opposite direction. The man and his 26-year-old female passenger were killed instantly. The driver of the SUV was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

It’s unclear exactly how the accident occurred. While it’s obvious that one of the vehicles crossed the center line, crash reconstruction artists have yet to state definitively which vehicle stray from their respective travel lane.

No criminal charges have yet to be filed in the case but could be forthcoming depending on the outcome of the police investigation.

Passengers and Their Families Can Hold At-Fault Parties Liable

As is often the case, the passenger also became a victim in this tragic motorcycle accident in Arkansas. Crash statistics show that passengers are as likely as motorcycle operators to be seriously hurt or killed in motorcycle crashes involving passenger cars. Sadly, the passenger is often a close friend or relative of the rider which makes the financial compensation process that must take place after an accident especially hard for survivors.

However, just because a driver may have been a friend or relative, they are not absolved from their legal and moral responsibility to take care of the victim and/or their surviving family members. Fair compensation should include everything a family needs to: Continue reading ›

Fatal Drunk Driving Accident in Arkansas Leaves Two First Responders Injured

A fatal drunk driving accident in Arkansas earlier this month left two members of an ambulance crew seriously injured and claimed the life of an intoxicated automobile operator. The crash happened on Interstate 40 near Little Rock Arkansas at around 5 AM on the morning of March 1st.

A car, operated by a local woman, was traveling at speed the wrong way down I-40 when it crashed head-on into the ambulance. The driver was killed instantly. Chemical testing after the crash revealed that the woman had a Blood Alcohol Content level of 0.164—twice the legal limit in Arkansas.

Motorcyclists in Arkansas face all kinds of dangers every time they hit the road. From distracted drivers who fail to yield to bikers in dreaded “left cross” collisions to drivers who squeeze motorcyclists off the road (or worse) when making right turns without looking in their rearview mirrors. Nationwide crash data shows that the type of injuries that motorcyclists suffer in these crashes is often as varied as the types of collisions themselves. But you can’t always calculate the risk of serious—even fatal injuries—from the type of collision.

Indeed, a recent fatal motorcycle accident in Arkansas demonstrates that one of the rarest dangers a motorcyclist can face (being struck from behind) can often be one of the most lethal.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Highway 82 Could Have Been Caused by Driver Inattention

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