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Two men were killed and another seriously injured in a terrible car crash in Arkansas earlier this month. The three individuals were in an SUV traveling along Ashley County Road in rural Ashley County, Arkansas in windy and rainy weather with poor visibility when tragedy struck. The vehicle, a Ford Escape, left the road as it attempted to navigate a tight corner. It struck a culvert in a ditch and continued traveling, striking several trees before coming to a stop. Two of the individuals in the vehicle (the driver and one passenger) were killed instantly. The second passenger was left with serious, life-threatening injuries.

These two traffic deaths mark the 457th and 458th this year on Arkansas roads according to one preliminary study of crash data collected from around the state.

Contributing Factors Don’t Necessarily Negate Liability

Car accidents in Arkansas are more common when contributing factors like bad weather and poor visibility come into play. Such conditions not only make it more difficult for drivers to safely negotiate traffic, turns, and hills, but they also can make it impossible for a vehicle to physically handle the drive. Cars are mechanical devices and are subject to the laws of physics. If slick conditions eliminate the friction of tire-on-pavement, a car will slide. If a wind gust hits the side of a large vehicle, the vehicle will act like a sail. Continue reading ›

Slip and fall accidents in Arkansas are common. They’re also costly. And if you’ve been injured yourself, the key thing to remember is that slip and fall accidents in public places are not your fault. In fact, Arkansas law mandates that the owners and the operators of publicly accessible establishments like convenience stores, grocery stores, big-box stores, and even apartment complexes take certain precautions to protect people on that property from falling.

Such regulations cover common causes of and factors which contribute to slip and fall accidents like:

  • Broken or uneven pavement/pavers (which cause the majority of sidewalk and parking lot slip and fall accidents)
  • Snow and ice build-up
  • Water, debris, electrical cords, hoses, and other hazards in walkways
  • Rolled/curled or lump carpeting or mats
  • Poorly constructed or damaged staircases

How Common Are Slip and Fall Accidents in Arkansas?

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Hit-and-run car accidents in Arkansas can be some of the most difficult for victims because the at-fault party often gets away without ever being caught, but an injured party may still have options available to them for financial recovery.

One hit-and-run accident earlier this month ended in a graveyard.  The crime spree began in Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11th when a 17-year-old driver chose to use intoxicating drugs and get behind the wheel. This list of charges only grew from there as the impaired young driver smashed head-on into another vehicle at the intersection of North Division and West Highway 18 after turning into oncoming traffic. But the young man didn’t stop there. Instead of stopping his vehicle and waiting for authorities, like he should have done, he attempted to escape. Fleeing down the street in a heavily-damaged vehicle, the reckless driver jumped a curb and ran through a cemetery—smashing several grave markers along the way—before the engine actually fell out of his vehicle and the car came to a stop. Continue reading ›

Years ago most of us didn’t envision a city where adults and young adults used powered scooters as a mode of transportation for work and/or fun.    But today we see those green and white scooters on many street corners and sidewalks.  They are a fun, alternative way of travel, and as technology has progressed, so has the interest for this mode of transportation.  On the flip side, as the prevalence of these aids increases in our city, so does the number of mobility scooter accidents in Arkansas.

Common Types of Scooter Accidents in Arkansas


Reports from emergency rooms around Arkansas show that the most common types of scooter accidents in the state are collisions. Whether the scooter operator collides with something or something collides with the scooter, the results—and injuries—are very similar.

Some common types of crashes include:

  • Scooter/vehicle collisions
  • Scooter /pedestrian collisions
  • Scooter/fixed object collisions

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Did you know that the first time you apply for Social Security disability in Arkansas your claim will likely be denied?  It’s true.  According to stats collected every year, the percentage of first-time claims that get approved runs around 30% here in Arkansas. That means that roughly 70% of the people who feel they need Social Security disability in Arkansas are denied—even if they actually qualify.

The reasons for the denied claims vary and can include:

  • Improperly filled-out paperwork
  • Current earnings above approved caps
  • The disability (as it’s presented) isn’t debilitating enough
  • The disability is deemed temporary or semi-permanent

Protect Your Future Benefit

Even if any of these reasons for denial apply to you, and you don’t yet qualify for Social Security disability in Arkansas, you can file an application for a period of benefit-free disability. This will effectively “freeze” your income record and will eliminate the risk of your eventual Social Security disability benefit decreasing because you’re not currently bringing in the level of income you’re accustomed to.

Requirements for a Successful Social Security Disability Application in Arkansas

There are several things you can do to help increase the odds of your disability application passing successfully through the approval process the first time around. Continue reading ›

Most Americans can simply not afford the financial expense associated with a medical emergency. Less than half of us even have enough money in the bank to foot a $1,000 bill, let alone cover our entire medical deductible (which average over $4,000 in the U.S.) if we’re lucky enough to be in the 91% of us that have some form of health insurance. In fact, medical emergencies are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States. These medical expenses directly contribute to over 50% of the bankruptcy cases in our country.

So what can you do if you’re injured, out of work, and need money to cover even basic expenses like groceries, rent, and utilities? What do you do if those medical bills just keep climbing? If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness (such as a distracted driver) you could potentially file a personal injury claim in Arkansas. Such claims can help victims get financial compensation or reimbursement from legal parties that share in the liability (responsibility) for the accident in which you were injured.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

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Motorcycle accidents in Arkansas are devastating no matter how serious they are.   Even an ‘every-day’ crash can cause life-altering injuries for any individual involved.  However, the risk of fatality is also extremely high.  Indeed, not only are motorcyclists more likely to be involved in crashes than automobile operators, they’re more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a crash. Statistics collected by the Insurance Information Institute show that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in a crash than their automobile operating cousins.

However, out of all the types of motorcycle collisions (rear-end, sideswiping, “right-hook”), there’s one that’s more deadly than all the rest combined:  head-on collisions.

Head-On Collisions Represent Lion’s Share of Fatal Crashes

The vast majority of fatal motorcycle accidents in Arkansas involve head-on collisions. Those are crashes during which one (or sometimes both) vehicles stray from their designated lane and collide with the other at speed. Some estimates crafted from crash statistics suggest that over 77% of all fatal motorcycle accidents are head-on collisions. Continue reading ›

Spinal cord injuries are serious and require immediate medical attention.  Even delaying treatment by a few minutes can have serious impacts on your future quality of life.  As a paralysis accident attorney in Arkansas, I’ve seen the fallout of people simply waiting too long to see a doctor because they didn’t think anything was seriously wrong.

Contrary to popular belief, victims may not immediately know if they have a spinal cord injury. However, delaying treatment can greatly increase the risk of permanent damage leading to partial or complete paralysis. That’s why, if you or a loved one has been involved in any type of accident, you must closely monitor your symptoms and immediately contact a medical professional if you even suspect spinal cord injury. Continue reading ›

Arkansas doesn’t have the best safety record for its nursing homes.   While most are great, clean, welcoming places in which our aging loved ones can live happily for years to come, some have been singled out by state and federal agencies for repeated violations (including severe cases of nursing home abuse in Arkansas, some of which have resulted in fatal accidents). Many have faced fines, closures, and increased governmental oversight.   The owners and staff of nursing homes are entrusted with the care of our loved ones, and that’s an honor and privilege that every nursing home owner and staff member  should take seriously, with no exceptions.

Neglect in Arkansas Nursing Homes

One of the most prevalent abuses in Arkansas’ nursing home systems is neglect.  Care workers in these homes and long-term care facilities are tasked with the duty of monitoring patients and residents. They must:

The actions (or inactions) of one person can have a tremendous effect on the lives of multiple individuals when that person is behind the wheel of an automobile. Slamming one multi-ton piece of machinery into another can have horrific fallout for everyone involved but, as the number of cars on our streets increases, so do the number of multiple-victim crashes. This truth was brought horrifically to light earlier this year when a car accident in Arkansas injured multiple victims and left a trail of destruction and debris throughout a busy intersection. The whole thing was caused because a driver failed to stop for a red light at an intersection in Springdale.

Red Lights Don’t Stop Everyone

Police investigators were able to cobble together eyewitness testimony and physical evidence to reconstruct the crash and found that the inattention of one driver caused the entire mess.   Oftentimes with serious car crashes, a team of accident reconstructionists would need to be called in to reconstruct a scene, but luckily the police officers onsite were able to get the answers they needed there at the scene and with eyewitness testimony. Continue reading ›

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