Chain-Reaction Truck Accident in Texarkana Illustrates Danger of Big Rigs on the Highway

A tragic chain-reaction truck accident in Texarkana left two people dead and two more injured when three big rigs and a passenger van collided on I-30 late last month. The crash happened on September 27th when a loaded Mack truck failed to stop in time to avoid slowed traffic near I-30’s junction with I-49. The big truck slammed into another 18-wheeler that was then pushed into the back of a passenger van. The van, in turn, was sandwiched between that truck and the one in front of it.

When the dust finally settled, the driver of the Mack (a 65-year-old veteran of the road) and the driver of the van were dead. Two more people were rushed to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

Multiple Vehicle Crashes Involving Big Trucks

As terrifying as this latest truck accident in Arkansas was, it’s almost “par for the course” when it comes to big rig accidents. The sheer mass these vehicles possess make them nearly impossible to stop with any accuracy. They are basically large wrecking balls rolling down the interstate at 65 miles per hour. They can push cars around like billiard balls and, as this last crash illustrates, even move other 18-wheelers like children’s toys.

Multiple vehicles crashes are, sadly, not uncommon. In fact, there were over 630 vehicles damaged in big truck-related fatal accidents in Arkansas in 2013. There were only 461 fatal crashes reported that year.

18-Wheeler in Your Rearview?

But how real is the danger to the average commuter?

Hundreds of thousands of 18-wheelers crisscross Arkansas highways every year. In 2012 there were over 33,000 registered truck drivers in this state alone. That doesn’t even account for all of the traffic that flows through on high-volume interstate routes like I-40 (one of the country’s deadliest highways). And even state roads like Arkansas 10 (through Little Rock’s Midtown area) aren’t safe. Believe it or not, truck traffic on non-interstate highways can be three times as deadly.

Those trucks take a toll. Tripnet, a national transportation research group, rated Arkansas as one of the five deadliest states in the entire country (partly because of the high number of fatal 18-wheeler accidents). In 2013 (one of the last years for which complete data is readily available) there were 430 fatalities in Arkansas involving large commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers.

That doesn’t count all of the crashes from which everyone walked away. And even escaping from a truck accident in Arkansas alive can be costly.

The True Cost of Truck Accidents in Arkansas

  • The average ER visit in Arkansas costs between $50 and $3,000 (a rate which skyrockets if any specialized testing is required).
  • Something as simple as a broken leg may cost $35,000 if surgery is required.
  • And a day in a hospital in Arkansas as an inpatient costs at least $1,400.
  • Add in lost wages during your recovery and a survivable accident could saddle you and your loved ones with tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Of course the trucking company’s insurance (or the driver’s personal policy) may offer you a payout, but will it be enough?

Truck Accident Lawyers in Arkansas Fighting for You

If you’ve been injured in a crash by a careless, reckless, or negligent big rig driver, having an experienced Arkansas truck accident lawyer on your side may be the best (and only) way to get every penny you’re entitled to. The Pfeifer Law Firm has helped victims—just like you—get just compensation they need and deserve. Contact us online or call 501-374-4440 today.

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