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When it comes to car crashes, the face is one of the most exposed areas of the body. A person’s head is where the airbag will expand to, where glass shards will fall, and where other objects from outside the car will land. While many people think of whiplash or traumatic brain injuries in reference to car crashes, the facial injuries alone can be devastating. If you or a loved one have sustained facial injuries in a crash that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated for the pain, the recovery, and the long-lasting effects. Contact an experienced Little Rock personal injury attorney for more information on the legal process of submitting an insurance claim and recovering monetarily for your injuries.

Common Facial Injuries Due to Car Accidents

Our face is an integral part of how we interact with the world. Our eyes help us see, nose helps us smell, and facial muscles express emotion. Facial injuries can permanently change how we view the world and how the world views us. Common facial injuries seen as a result of car crashes include:

Far too many families struggle from the emotional and financial burden that a hit-and-run accident may cause a family. I’ve talked with loved ones who have no idea how to recover emotionally or financially from the long-lasting effects that a tragedy such as this may cause. Crash data from a three-year period shows the number of fatal hit and run accidents in Arkansas is rising at roughly 4.5% every year. Just last month a 27-year-old woman and an elderly man were killed on Interstate 40 just south of Little Rock, Arkansas after a hit and run driver left the woman’s car disabled on the roadway.

At-fault individuals caught by police face serious jail time, but as anyone who has lived through a hit and run accident in Arkansas will tell you, seeing that the other driver is punished often takes a back seat to simply surviving the immediate aftermath of a crash. The pain and suffering (both physical and emotional) can be tremendous, but victims also have to cope with the financial strain a careless person’s actions have forced on their family. That burden may not be as heavy as the fear and anxiety experienced in the first few days after a collision, but it can be significant and have devastating and lasting effects of its own.

The True Cost of Auto Accidents in Arkansas

Many victims are under the false impression that if a driver is charged with a crime because of their involvement in a truck accident in Arkansas, that the injured individuals cannot seek financial compensation via a personal injury claim. That’s simply not true. Personal injury claims pursuing financial damages from at-fault parties and their insurance companies can be filed regardless of any active or pending criminal prosecution. The two processes are completely separate in the eyes of the law and (when/if necessary) will be handled by different branches of the court system.

Many personal injury claims resulting from truck accidents in Arkansas never result in lawsuits. Most insurance companies are eager to settle with victims who are represented by an attorney before the lawsuit makes it to the courthouse. This means that the majority of victims can get any monetary damages they are entitled to without an extended legal battle or having to wait for criminal cases to crawl through the justice system.

The Danger of Big Truck Accidents in Arkansas is Real

A pedestrian accident in Fayetteville claimed the life of a young woman earlier this month. To make the situation even worse, the driver fled the scene.

It is becoming more difficult with each passing day to pick up the paper in the mornings to find yet another article written about an innocent person’s life being taken at the hands of an irresponsible driver who chose to drink and drive. These stories are especially hard to read because these types of accidents are 100% preventable.

The driver, who ran from the scene of the crash, was later found to be intoxicated. The CDC estimates that nearly one-third (29%) of all fatal traffic accidents in the United States involve alcohol. Another 16% of crashes are caused by drivers under the influence of other legal and illegal drugs, including marijuana.

Deteriorating roadways in the United States are a major concern. We all hear politicians from different political ideology talk about investment in infrastructure to help us economically. However, fewer discuss the need for major updates to our roads for the safety of drivers and passengers of cars and trucks. A new report found that infrastructure investments have the potential to save 63,700 lives and prevent 353,560 serious injuries over a 20-year period if changes and updates were made to interstates and roads.

“Safety Benefits of Highway Infrastructure Investments” released earlier this month by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a nonprofit research and education association, details key strategies to accomplish that goal. The report noted that the U.S. is ranked nearly last among developed countries in annual traffic fatalities. This fact should not be ignored. The report listed six items that the group recommends to greatly reduce car accident deaths and injures. They recommended that key intersections be turned into roundabouts, install roadside barriers and clear roadside objects, add sidewalks and signalized pedestrian crossings on majority of roads, install median barriers on divided highways, install shoulder and center line rumble strips, and pave and widen highway shoulders.

Inattentive driving is a big cause of car and truck accidents. The changes outlined in the report would help alleviate careless driving and make our roads safer. Several cities in Arkansas are putting roundabouts in new developments to help alleviate traffic congestion. I hear complaints about these intersections; however, I believe that as they become more common, people will not have issues with their use. Several people have told me that they hated roundabouts at first but they really enjoy them now. We should all do our part to tell our politicians to start making these changes for the good of our economy and our safety.

This week 13 passengers on a USA Holiday tour bus were killed, and many injured, early this morning on a highway in California when the USA Holiday tour bus ran into the back of an 18-wheeler semi truck at a speed great enough to cause the bus to travel approximately 15 feet inside the 18-wheeler’s trailer, causing significant damage to the bus.   The driver was among one of the fatally injured.   Firefighters used ladders to remove the passengers through the windows of the bus.

The tour bus had recently traveled to the Red Earth Casino in Thermal, California, and was returning back to Los Angeles, California when the crash happened early this morning.   It has been reported that the driver of the tour bus was one of the company’s owners.    The USA Holiday tour bus had inspections performed on the bus in 2014, 2015, and 2016, with no mechanical citations reported.   According to news reports, the company also had a satisfactory rating for safety.

At this time the investigation into the crash is still ongoing, therefore officials are unclear as of now whether the driver of the bus was speeding, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whether he fell asleep behind the wheel while driving.

I recently read an article entitled, “We’ve Been Brainwashed Into Saying ‘Car Accident.’”  As I read the article, I could not have agreed more.  The dictionary definition of “accident” is “an event that is not planned or intended.”

While it is true that almost no one intends to crash their vehicle, people make choices that cause automobile crashes.  Some choices that people make include drinking and driving, texting while driving, speeding, following too close, driving fatigued, and driving with known defects, such as faulty brakes.  These are just some of the reasons or causes of car, truck and motorcycle accidents in Arkansas.  For example, when an individual decides to drive drunk, he or she is making a choice. And if a crash occurs, it should not be described as an “accident.” Continue reading ›

Taking Xarelto, a drug manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical, can be deadly.

If you have taken the drug Xarelto and experienced internal bleeding, you should contact your doctor and talk to him or her about your symptoms.  Janssen Pharmaceutical  markets the drug called Xarelto.  Xarelto is an anticoagulant drug, also called a blood thinner, used to prevent blood clots in individuals.   Anticoagulants often have a bleeding complication associated with its use, but medications can be administered to reverse the blood thinning effects.   Xarelto is alleged to have a much higher risk because there is no known medication or cure to reverse its blood thinning effect.   Blood thinners have been used for a very long time, but they have been used with the known fact that its effects can be reversed. Continue reading ›

This is a post I hope you will never have to put into action.  Would you know what to do if you found yourself inside of a vehicle surrounded with water and your vehicle was sinking?   I recently saw a video of a car that had run off a parking lot into the water and the driver was saved by a good Samaritan that jumped into action and helped get the driver out of the car out before the car sank.

It is estimated that 400 people drown each year in the U.S. because their vehicle was submerged in water.   Thankfully, most of us will never have to experience the terror we would feel if our vehicle was going down while we were trapped inside the vehicle, but having a plan of action, should you find yourself in this type of situation, could save your life.   Every second counts when you’re in this type of situation.

According to information I read, experts say that you will likely have 30-60 seconds to escape your vehicle.    After reading and educating myself about the problem, I have summarized some suggestions made by the experts.

What to do if this happened to you: Continue reading ›

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