Criminal Charges in Truck Accidents in Arkansas Don’t Negate Personal Injury Claims

Many victims are under the false impression that if a driver is charged with a crime because of their involvement in a truck accident in Arkansas, that the injured individuals cannot seek financial compensation via a personal injury claim. That’s simply not true. Personal injury claims pursuing financial damages from at-fault parties and their insurance companies can be filed regardless of any active or pending criminal prosecution. The two processes are completely separate in the eyes of the law and (when/if necessary) will be handled by different branches of the court system.

Many personal injury claims resulting from truck accidents in Arkansas never result in lawsuits. Most insurance companies are eager to settle with victims who are represented by an attorney before the lawsuit makes it to the courthouse. This means that the majority of victims can get any monetary damages they are entitled to without an extended legal battle or having to wait for criminal cases to crawl through the justice system.

The Danger of Big Truck Accidents in Arkansas is Real
These massive machines weigh many times more than a common passenger car and race down our highways at breakneck speeds. The drivers behind the controls of these 18-wheelers may have been on the road for hours, and some are in no condition to drive safely. Add in large, blind spots, distractions inside the cab, and other factors—including illegal drug use— and you’ve created the perfect conditions for a devastating crash. In 2015 there were 71 fatal truck accidents involving these large commercial vehicles in Arkansas alone.

Case in Point
Last December a truck driver lost control of his rig on Highway 67 in Clay County after either falling asleep at the wheel or becoming distracted for a moment. In that brief instant his truck smashed into a pickup truck being driven by Christopher Bryant. Bryant and one of his passengers (Brenda Christopher) were killed at the scene. Another passenger was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police investigating the crash arrested the truck driver, Casapu Mihail, and charged him with vehicular manslaughter, negligent homicide, and third-degree battery. His crimes were deemed so serious that a $1 million cash bail was ordered by a local judge.

The driver’s first court appearance was scheduled in January but that does not prevent the victims’ family members from pursuing their own legal action. In fact, it’s best not to wait any longer than absolutely necessary before securing the services of a trucking accident lawyer in Arkansas.

Fighting for Victims’ Rights
Putting an experienced Arkansas truck accident attorney on your side as soon as possible is the best way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Launching a full investigation into the facts and circumstances of the crash before vital evidence is lost or destroyed is essential for proving your case in or out of court. Having an experienced Arkansas truck accident lawyer involved immediately after the crash can facilitate the process, will lessen the burden for the victim or family by having an experienced truck accident lawyer preserving evidence, handling the legal matters, paperwork, and insurance aspect of the case while the injured party focuses on getting the proper medical care he or she needs in order to recover from his or her injuries. Oftentimes after a crash, insurance companies get to work immediately gathering evidence and information to build their case. Having an experienced attorney working on your behalf immediately following a crash can ensure that the proper steps are being taken to preserve valuable evidence in support of your claim, which in turn will maximize the value of your claim. Let an aggressive truck accident attorney at the Pfeifer Law Firm work for you.

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