The Advancement of Video Technology Means More Accidents Will Be Caught on Camera

Determining fault in an Arkansas car accident is not always a straightforward affair. While some accidents lend themselves to simple explanations of what happened, others present a much less clear situation.

Normally, police or other investigative authorities will survey the scene of an accident for evidence that can help them determine what caused a car accident and who was at fault. Of course, this may mean collecting physical evidence from the scene of the accident, and it may also include noting skid marks, checking cell phone records, and surveying nearby homes and businesses for video surveillance.

As video technology has increased over the years, the price of high-quality surveillance systems has significantly dropped, making them more affordable for homeowners and business owners. While owners of these surveillance systems are not likely thinking about catching an accident on tape, police can request video that may be able to help them determine what happened in the moments leading up to a serious accident.

The availability of video evidence can make proving a personal injury lawsuit much easier. However, just because video evidence is available does not guarantee success; a personal injury attorney experienced in handling car accident cases should be consulted prior to filing any case.

Arkansas School Bus Accident Caught on Tape

Earlier this month in Pulaski County, an accident involving two vehicles and a school bus sent one person to the hospital with serious injuries. According to a local news source, the accident happened at the intersection of Highway 367 and Singley Road.

Evidently, a resident who lives near the intersection and witnessed the aftermath of the collision told police that she had caught the accident on her video surveillance system. The video shows a silver car crash into the back of a blue car. The force from the collision pushed the blue car out into the intersection, right into the way of a school bus. The school bus crashed into the blue car.

Several children were on board the bus at the time of the accident, but thankfully none was injured. There were also two young children who suffered minor injuries in one of the passenger cars. Police have obtained the video surveillance of the accident and are currently conducting an investigation to determine what may have caused the accident.

Have You Been Injured in an Arkansas Car Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in any kind of Arkansas car accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries you sustained. However, prior to being compensated, you will need to prove that the other driver was at fault. The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at the Pfeifer Law Firm have extensive experience handling all kinds of personal injury matters, including car accident cases. We recently used  surveillance footage to prove to an insurance company that their insured was at fault in the wreck.  Initially, they denied liability but after we found  the video and showed them, the insurance company accepted responsibility.  Additionally, the at fault driver was forced to plead no contest to the ticket he received for causing the car crash.  We  know where to look for evidence and  know how to convincingly present it to a judge or jury. Call 501-374-4440 to schedule a free consultation with a dedicated personal injury attorney today.

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