Arkansas Bus Crash

An Arkansas Bus Crash has taken the life of a woman and more than 25 Northwest Arkansas residents were injured. The Bus accident occurred on Interstate 40 between Russellville and Clarksville, Arkansas.The bus was on its way back to Bentonville from a religious conference in Little Rock Saturday night when it rolled over on Interstate 40. The Arkansas State Police is working with vehicle specialists to determine the cause of the Bus crash.

According to news reports, the bus hit a guardrail, spun and flipped. Investigations into the causes of bus accidents like this are very important so future Arkansas bus crashes can be avoided. The federal government has found serious safety violations by owners of bus companies that transport church or other groups. It is important that Arkansas groups fully investigate the bus companies they hire to transport their members. Further, if the buses are owned by the Arkansas group, it is vital that the bus get fully and completely checked out before it is used. Safety and mechanical problems are found all too often in bus crash investigations. If you have any questions concerning an Arkansas bus crash, please contact the Pfeifer Law Firm.

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