Arkansas Product Liability Law – Dangers of BPA

The hormone damaging chemical BPA, or bisphenol-A, can no longer be used to make baby bottles and sippy cups. The mandate of the Food and Drug Administration will have limited impact, because manufacturers have already stopped using BPA in these beverage containers. However, the FDA did not ban BPA use in other products.

BPA is still found in other plastic products. These products include water bottles, metal can linings and thermal cash register receipt. Some studies have linked BPA to cancer, birth defects and reproductive problems. A current study ties BPA found in kids’ tooth fillings to a slightly higher risk of children developing behavioral problems such as depression and anxiety. According to medical experts, BPA leaches from food and beverage packaging and trace amounts have been found in the urine of at least 90% of Americans.

Some food manufacturers have voluntarily removed BPA from the linings of cans, especially those containing infant formula. However, the FDA and industry actions are not strong enough. Dangerous products continue to be sold in Arkansas and the rest of the county. Lawyers and persons injured by dangerous products need to use Arkansas product liability laws to hold companies that put profits over the health of their customers accountable. The Arkansas Products Liability Statute can be found here.

Dangerous products included autos, trucks, farm equipment, drugs, food, consumer products, ATVs. The Arkansas law defines product as:

“Product” means any tangible object or goods produced, excluding real estate and improvements located thereon. Provided, any tangible object or good produced that is affixed to, installed on, or incorporated into real estate or any improvement thereon shall constitute a product under this subchapter. Provided further, an improvement on real estate shall constitute a product in the event that environmental contaminants exist or have occurred in the improvement;

This definition is very broad and if someone suffers an injury or economic loss due to a defective product they should contact an Arkansas injury lawyer to make sure their rights are fully protected.

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