Arkansas Ranks Third In Car Accident Death Rate

According to new statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, Arkansas is the third most dangerous state for driving. The average annual motor vehicle-related death rate was highest in Mississippi (31.9 per 100,000 population), followed by Wyoming (27.7), Arkansas (25.6), Montana (25.6), and Alabama (25.1). The study also found that men are twice as likely to be killed in an auto accident than women. According to the Community Guide of the Centers for Disease Control, motor vehicle related injuries kill more children and young adults than any other single cause in the United States and are the leading cause of death from injury for people of all ages.

The CDC claims proper use of lap and shoulder belts can reduce the chance of death in a traffic accident by 45 percent, and the likelihood of serious injury by 50 percent. In my practice, I have seen numerous times when a seat-belt saved a life. I have also reviewed cases where seat-belt and airbag malfunctions proved catastrophic. Car accident injuries continue to be a serious problem in Arkansas. Although seat-belt use cannot fully protect against injury, it is an important tool that we should all use. Please wear your seat-belt and if you would like to speak with an attorney about a recent car accident, please contact a car accident attorney today to guarantee your rights are protected.

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