Bus crash spotlights cut-rate bus companies

Cut-rate bus companies, driver fatigue and the need for safer windows and roofs came into focus after a New York bus crash killed 15 people on their way home from a casino. Reports indicate that the driver was driving on a suspended license and should not have been behind the wheel.

The bus is similar to buses in Arkansas that talk people to the casinos for a cheap fare. Federal regulators have long recognized the dangers of fly-by-night bus companies that skimp on safety and skirt the regulations. Although, it was unclear whether this company could be lumped into that category, it is clear that their safety policies and practices were poor.

Driver fatigue, which has been cited more often than any other reason as a cause or contributing factor to bus crashes, has been the target of a slew of recommendations not just for buses and trucks, but in aviation, rail and marine accidents as well. Additionally, reports indicate that the driver served time in prison for manslaughter and grand larceny.

Arkansas personal injury law mandates a high duty on bus drivers and bus companies. However, it is imperative that passengers fully investigate bus companies before they use their services. If you have any questions regarding a bus accident or bus crash, please contact an Arkansas bus accident lawyer to discuss your rights in any personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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