Car Accidents – Arkansas

I just read a report of a recent study that found women to be better drivers than men. According to the study, some 80 percent of all fatal and serious car crashes are caused by male drivers. The car accident study found that women are 27 percent less likely than men to cause auto accidents. In 2007, statistics reveal men were involved in 6.1 million car accidents while women were involved in 4.4 million. Further, male drivers out number females 3 to 1 for DUI violations. According to the new report, traffic violations are higher for male drivers in almost every single category from reckless driving, failure to yield, seat belt violations, or speeding.

Women have been telling us men that they are better drivers. Now it seems that they can point to some proof. I will start to keep a non scientific list of at-fault drivers for Arkansas car accident cases that we handle. It will be interesting to see if the car and truck accident cases handled by an Arkansas personal injury lawyer will follow this same ratio….

Please contact an Arkansas car accident attorney if you or a loved one has suffered from a car crash in Arkansas. It is important that legal advice concerning the auto accident be given as early as possible.

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