Distracted Driving Causes Arkansas Accidents

Cellphones and other electronic devices cause up to 25 percent of U.S. car crashes, according to a recent report. The study was released by the Governors Highway Safety Association.

The study stated that drivers are distracted up to half the time and that crashes caused by distractions can cause a fatal injury. The study indicated that texting causes more distraction that cellphone use.

Thirty U.S. states and the District of Columbia have law prohibiting the use of all cellphones by novice drivers and 41 states and Washington, D.C. had prohibited texting by novice drivers. Thirty four states and the District of Columbia have enacted texting bans for all drivers.

In my experience as an Arkansas car accident lawyer, incidences of personal injury caused by cellphones is common. These car accidents can and should be avoided. If you would like to speak with an Arkansas injury lawyer please contact the Pfeifer Law Firm.

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