I-540 Arkansas Bridge Accident

A serious car accident occurred on I-540 in Arkansas. According to published reports the Arkansas State Police spent more than an hour cleaning up four separate auto accidents involving 16 cars on the I-540 bridge over the Arkansas River near Fort Smith.

The car accident happened when cars began to slow down due to the rainy weather conditions. It appears that the cars behind were following too close and started a chain of rear-end collisions.

This Arkansas car accident acts as a reminder that drivers need to stay a safe distance behind forward vehicles. My Arkansas personal injury law firm handles car accident cases that all too often involve rear-end collisions. The problem with drivers following too close and driving too fast for road conditions is very common on Arkansas highways. Injuries from car accidents cause great hardship to the victims and their families. If you have any questions concerning an Arkansas car accident, please contact the Pfeifer Law Firm, an experienced Arkansas car accident law firm.

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