Log Truck Driver in Deadly Accident in Arkansas

A Log Truck Driver in a deadly accident had his probation revoked. According to news accounts, the truck driver admitted to the police that he used meth before a wreck that occurred in Clinton, Arkansas. The reports indicate that it is still undetermined when the meth was used and if it was a cause of the log truck overturning.

The truck accident injured multiple people and killed two construction workers. The initial reports indicate that a tire blowout was the cause of the wreck. It seems that the investigation is still ongoing and the Arkansas State Police are looking at other possible causes. In truck accident case the cause of the wreck is initially undetermined. It is important to look at all possible causes such as tire failure, driver fatigue, reckless driving or intoxication.

Truck accidents cause serious injury and often result is death for the victims. It is important that truck drivers obey all traffic laws and DOT regulations to make Arkansas highways as safe as possible.

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