New Driving Laws Designed to Reduce Arkansas Car Accidents

New laws are now in effect that the Arkansas legislature hope will reduce Arkansas traffic accident and personal injuries. A simplified

For drivers under 18:

-No using cell phones while driving.
-Only one minor may be in the vehicle with you unless they are siblings or live with in the same house.
-Driving between 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. is prohibited, unless driving to or from a school, work or church related activity.

For drivers age 18-21:

-Talking on a cell phone is allowed if a hands-free device is used.

For drivers over 21:

-Using a cell phone to talk is unrestricted.

The laws setting these new restrictions say the first offense will result in a warning, with a possible fine after that.

Arkansas car accidents and truck accidents often occur because drivers are inattentive and careless. These laws are designed to limit traffic accidents caused by teenagers. It is important that teenagers and their parents understand these new laws and the reason for their passage.

Arkansas car accidents take a heavy toll on families and any law designed to lessen the frequency of traffic accidents is important. In the last few years, my law practice has represented many people who were the victim of inattention caused by cell phone use while driving. I work hard making sure victims of Arkansas car accidents receive full compensation for their injuries. If you or a family member has been involved in an Arkansas car accident, please contact an aggressive and experienced Arkansas personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights.

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