Texting While Driving

In Arkansas, bus drivers are prohibited from using cell phones while driving. A bus driver is allowed, however, to use a cell phone if the school bus is off the road safely and the parking brake is engaged. When our children are in the care of school personnel, it is reasonable to expect that he or she would be practicing safe driving habits.

According to recent news reports, an investigation was launched regarding a video produced by a student showing a Lake Hamilton school bus driver texting while behind the wheel driving. I read that the superintendent said that the situation was being dealt with as a confidential personnel matter and he would not disclose whether the driver was going to be disciplined for her act of poor judgment.

There are reports in other states of bus drivers texting while driving. In Connecticut, a school bus driver was caught texting while driving. The ensuing investigation revealed that the driver sent and received 1,068 text messages while she was operating her school bus in a one-month period. A Florida student used her cell phone to capture video of the school bus driver texting while driving. At the end of the student’s video, it shows the driver making a sudden move to grab the steering wheel as the bus appeared to drift into another lane of travel.

Texting while driving is dangerous for everyone involved. When texting while driving involves school personnel responsible for children’s safety, action needs to be taken immediately to ensure that this stops and that our children are safe.
We are role models for our youth. Practice safe driving habits at all times. Your good example could save lives. The Pfeifer Law Firm has handled many texting while driving accidents cases. The injuries caused by these accident could have been avoided if the driver of the other vehicle would just put down their phone and practice safe driving habits.

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