Airbag Recall

Recently Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler have recalled an estimated 2 million vehicles to attempt a second repair for defective airbags that may inflate inadvertently while the vehicle is running. This recall includes some Dodge Viper, Acura MDX, Honda Odyssey, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Avalon and Toyota Corolla models made between the years 2002 and 2004. NHTSA advised all vehicles that are a part of this recall for faulty air bags have already been included in a previous recall for faulty air bags, but the attempted fix to repair the defective airbags only corrected the problem approximately 85 percent of the time.

In the first recall, the faulty electronic control unit was only partially replaced. In this second recall the entire unit will be replaced, which is made by TRW Automotive Holdings Corp of Livonia, Michigan. The fix will be made available to affected cars by the end of 2015. The NHTSA is recommending that any person with a vehicle which was included in the first recall to have their vehicles repaired, then return to the vehicle’s dealer for a second repair, if necessary.

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