Arkansas Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is defined as:

In treating a patient, a medical care provider must possess and apply with reasonable care the degree of skill and learning ordinarily possessed and used by members of his/her profession in good standing, engaged in the same type of service or specialty in the locality in which he/she practices, or in a similar locality. A failure to meet this standard is negligence.

Medical malpractice happens every day. Doctors and nurses make mistakes that sometimes result in devastating outcomes. A few primary types of medical malpractices cases we handle include:

Childbirth Injuries:

• Failing to anticipate complications arising from the baby being too large or complications from a tangled umbilical cord;
• Failing to properly respond to indications of fetal distress;
• Improper use of a vacuum extractor or forceps;
• Failing to perform a cesarean section when necessary.

Medication Errors:

• prescribing too much of a prescription medication;
• prescribing too little of a prescription medication;
• prescribing the wrong medication.

Anesthesia Errors:

• the failure to properly monitor the patient’s vital signs while under anesthesia;
• giving too much anesthesia;
• improper intubation.

Surgical Errors:

• puncture of internal organs;
• operating on the incorrect body part;
• failure to give blood when needed, resulting in death;
• a surgical instrument being left inside the body.

Delayed diagnosis or Misdiagnosis:

• Failing to timely diagnose a medical condition, ultimately causing unnecessary serious harm or death, that could have been successfully treated;
• Incorrectly diagnosing a medical condition, causing serious harm or death.

Medical malpractice presents itself in many different ways. There are many other ways not listed here that a person can be harmed by medical malpractice. If you or someone you know has been injured due to the negligence of another and you have questions, please call an experienced medical malpractice attorney at the Pfeifer Law Firm. You may call us at 501-374-4440 and speak to a medical malpractice lawyer for free or contact us online.

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