Arkansas Boat Accident

An Arkansas boat accident victim died of injuries sustained following a two vessel boating accident on the Ouachita River in Ashley County Arkansas. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is investigating the Arkansas boat crash.

This is the time of year when many Arkansas residents and tourists visit Arkansas rivers and lakes to enjoy the great natural beauty Arkansas has to offer. It is important that boat drivers use caution when operating their boats. Boat accidents often lead to severe injury and sometimes worse. Arkansas boating laws should be reviewed and followed to help make Arkansas lakes and rivers safe for all of us.

Arkansas boating negligence can cause injuries that require medical treatment and often lead to lost income. Arkansas boat insurance often can cover these losses for the innocent victims of negligent boating. If you or a family member has questions about Arkansas boat accidents, please contact an Arkansas boat accident lawyer to discuss your legal rights. It is important that the facts of the accident are gathered and proper medical treatment is received by the injured accident victim.

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