Arkansas Car Accidents and Daylight Savings….Connection?

A recent article I read indicates that more automobile accidents occur the week following daylight savings. I was surprised to read the effects the one-hour time change has on our bodies. In addition to an increase in motor vehicle accidents, the time change also increases our chances of injuries at work, an increase in heart attacks, developing cluster headaches, and apparently more time is spent surfing the internet this week. Attached is a link to the article I read if you would like to read more about the effects the time change has on our bodies.

Use extra precaution this week when you’re behind the wheel to avoid car accidents or at work. It’s always a hard adjustment to fall back because we have enjoyed those long days, but soon we will all be more adjusted to the change and driving home in the dark at 5:30 or 6:00 will be the norm again. If you need to speak with an Arkansas accident attorney, please contact the Pfeifer Law Firm. Take care and drive safely.

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