Arkansas Car Accidents Caused by Texting

Texting while driving is as dangerous as driving while drunk. A new law began in Arkansas that bans texting while driving. Act 181 of 2009, also known as Paul’s Law was passed to make Arkansas roads safer.

Paul’s Law bans drivers of all ages from sending text messages while driving, except in emergencies. This Arkansas motor vehicle law was named after Paul Davidson of Jonesboro, Arkansas who was killed in an accident with a vehicle whose driver admitted he was sending a text message.
Another new driving law, Act 197 of 2009, bans the use of cell phones by drivers under age 18, except in emergencies. This Arkansas law prohibits anyone age 18-20 from using a cell phone while driving unless the person is using a hands free device or in an emergency.

As texting has become more popular, accidents blamed on texting has increased dramatically. Recent studies have shown that 26% of people text while driving. Studies suggest that the danger of texting while driving exceeds the danger of simply talking on your cell phone. A recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study estimates that 515,000 people were injured in traffic accident due to a distracted driver. According to Arkansas State Police, at least 787 crashes in Arkansas in 2008 involved drivers who were distracted by electronic communication devices.

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