Arkansas Motorcycle Safety Seminar

The Center for Lifelong Learning at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith is offering a series of four motorcycle safety courses Nov. 7 as part of the Center’s fall schedule of personal enrichment courses.

Courses will be led by certified Goldwing Road Riders Association Leadership Training Instructors and Rider Education Instructors. According to the seminar information,
the training is designed to encourage safe and enjoyable motorcycling for all riders. The seminar information quotes the instructor as saying:

“When motorcycles are involved in an accident, it doesn’t matter much what kind of bike one is riding,” she said. “Serious injury or death is a real possibility. Making the roads safer for all motorcycle enthusiasts through training is one of GWRRA’s primary goals.”

Information concerning this seminar can be found on the UA-Fort Smith website.

Motorcycle safety has become more and more important. The number of people injured in motorcycle accidents has increased for over a decade. In 2007, approximately 103,000 people were injured in motorcycle accidents. Arkansas has some great roads to ride and we all need to be mindful that an Arkansas motorcycle accident can be very serious. Usually, inattention by the driver of the automobile is the reason why motorcycle accidents happen in Arkansas. If you or a family member suffers injuries in an Arkansas motorcycle accident, it is important that you contact an experienced Arkansas motorcycle lawyer to make sure your medical bills get paid and your rights are fully protected.

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