Arkansas Truck Accident Near Malvern

Interstate 30 near Malvern, Arkansas is open after a deadly head on collision involving two semi-trucks Wednesday.

According to several news reports, motorists were stranded on the interstate for hours. Around 4:30 p.m. with many people heading home from work, fire and destroyed trucks stopped drivers along eastbound Interstate 30. Witnesses told authorities that a wrecker headed west blew a tire, lost control, and slammed head on into a tractor trailer. Both trucks burst into flames.

Investigations into serious crashes is very important to determine legal liability in accidents like this. It may be important to get the maintenance records, tire age, tire brand and model to fully understand and determine legal liability. To make sure all information is learned, it is important that legal counsel be involved as soon as possible after the truck accident. An Arkansas accident injury lawyer can help those involved make sure their rights are fully protected.

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