Tired Truck Drivers Cause Arkansas Accidents

An Arkansas trucking company, J.P. Hunt Transport Services, joined other trucking companies in endorsing a proposal that is aimed at preventing tired truck drivers from causing serious and catastrophic highway accidents. It calls for in-cab recording devices to track the hours that the drivers are behind the wheel. Currently, truck drivers keep a paper log that tracks their hours. However, the paper log is often manipulated and fraudulently kept by drivers and trucking companies. The truck drivers are under enormous pressure by trucking companies to deliver as quickly as possible. This provides the incentive for drivers to manipulate the logs to keep their employers happy.

Unfortunately, driver fatigue is one of the major causes of catastrophic and serious highway accidents in Arkansas. Truck drivers driving 80,000 pound rigs down Arkansas highways need to be fully alert and awake while driving these massive vehicles. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs involving a large truck, it is often serious and leads to fatalities which could easily be avoided if the driver was not fatigued and tired. All too often, the drivers are told by the trucking companies to drive over the mandated time limits. I am hopeful that this new law will pass and will make it harder for drivers to manipulate log books and force them and the trucking companies to follow the rules. I am hopeful that the federal authorities and trucking companies will try to make the devices as foolproof as possible so that serious accidents involving driver fatigue can be avoided. If you or a family member is involved in a truck accident it is important to get in contact with an Arkansas attorney as soon as possible. An Arkansas truck accident injury lawyer can help those involved make sure their rights are fully protected.

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