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Did you know that the first time you apply for Social Security disability in Arkansas your claim will likely be denied?  It’s true.  According to stats collected every year, the percentage of first-time claims that get approved runs around 30% here in Arkansas. That means that roughly 70% of the people who feel they need Social Security disability in Arkansas are denied—even if they actually qualify.

The reasons for the denied claims vary and can include:

  • Improperly filled-out paperwork
  • Current earnings above approved caps
  • The disability (as it’s presented) isn’t debilitating enough
  • The disability is deemed temporary or semi-permanent

Protect Your Future Benefit

Even if any of these reasons for denial apply to you, and you don’t yet qualify for Social Security disability in Arkansas, you can file an application for a period of benefit-free disability. This will effectively “freeze” your income record and will eliminate the risk of your eventual Social Security disability benefit decreasing because you’re not currently bringing in the level of income you’re accustomed to.

Requirements for a Successful Social Security Disability Application in Arkansas

There are several things you can do to help increase the odds of your disability application passing successfully through the approval process the first time around. Continue reading ›

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