Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Arkansas Brings Death Toll to 91 for the Year

A deadly pedestrian accident in Arkansas claimed the life of a 53-year-old on Sunday, April 1st. The victim was crossing the street in Prescott when he was struck by a northbound Chevy pickup truck. EMS crews arrived within minutes of the car crash and rushed the victim to a hospital in Little Rock, but the man succumbed to his injuries. He was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Unfortunately that’s too often the case. When a relatively unprotected person is struck by a large vehicle such as a pickup truck, a box truck, or even a semi rig, the outcome is almost never good. Even when the victims survive, there are often extensive injuries, mountainous medical expenses, and life-long aftereffects.

This latest fatal pedestrian accident in Arkansas brings the total number of people killed in traffic accidents in the state to 91 just this year. That puts Arkansas on track for a near-record-breaking year for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians killed on our streets and highways. And, unfortunately, accidents like this are all too common.

While it’s also not unusual to see pedestrians struck while walking on the side of the road, pedestrian accidents in Arkansas occur most often at intersections or stretches of roadway in which people often cross. When that unsuspecting individual steps into the street (even when there is a marked and signaled crosswalk) they dramatically raise their risk of being injured by a careless, reckless, or distracted driver. But who is to blame in such a tragedy?

When drivers fail to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the street, they are breaking the law. Plain and simple. That statute is codified in Arkansas traffic law.

However, when grieving families come head-to-head with insurance companies and defense attorneys, the victim is often put on trial. What did they do that contributed to the crash? Did they step out without giving the driver time to react? Were they wearing dark clothing at night? Did they misunderstand the driver’s intentions?

Getting the compensation you deserve after being struck by a car while crossing the street can be difficult. Especially if you try to get that compensation by yourself. Insurance adjusters will do everything they can legally do to pay you as little as possible, even when they know they are 100% at fault and should pay what you deserve.  And if you don’t know your rights and your obligations, anything you do (or don’t do) can be used against you.

When it comes down to it, you need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Arkansas on your side as soon as possible.  Preservation of evidence is key in pedestrian accidents, so don’t wait.  The expert legal professionals at the Pfeifer Law Firm have recovered for victims and families of pedestrian accidents for the past 20 years.   You don’t owe us anything unless we recover for you.   Call us today for your free consultation at 501-374-4440 or chat with us online.


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