Motorcycle Accident In Arkansas Leaves Several Victims Behind

Arkansas Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Devastating

Motorcycle accidents in Arkansas often leave victims seriously injured and result in fatalities more often than automobile collisions.  In fact, motorcyclists are nearly 40 times more likely to die in a collision in Arkansas than the drivers or passengers involved in a car crash. That’s hard fact that motorcyclists have to live with, but the truly tragic part is that over half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involving automobiles here in the United States are caused by the driver, not the rider.

Such was the case earlier this month when a tragic motorcycle accident in Arkansas left one man dead and two other individuals severely injured.

Police report that around 6:30 PM in the evening of April 18th, a sedan collided with not one but two motorcycles on a stretch of U.S. 270 near the intersection of Hollywood Avenue. Accident reconstruction and eyewitness reports show that the sedan (which was being driven westbound) cut into the path of the two motorcycles (which were traveling eastbound).

The first motorcycle was struck head-on, colliding with the front bumper and hood of the car. The second motorcyclist was able to swerve slightly and struck a glancing blow along the side of the vehicle.

Such collisions can prove tragic for motorcyclists even at relatively low speeds. Because motorcyclists are not enclosed in the safety cage of an automobile and often rely only on protective clothing and helmets for safety, they almost always suffer serious injuries in an accident.

Sadly, this motorcycle accident in Arkansas ended in tragedy. The motorcyclist who was struck head-on died at the scene of the crash while the second motorcyclist suffered severe, life-threatening injuries.

Determining Who Is at Fault Paves the Way for Recovery

What caused this terrible accident? The driver of the sedan was an elderly woman. Police suspect that she either failed to see the motorcycles or misjudged the time it would take to cross the travel lane. In liability terms, the driver is completely at fault for this tragedy.

Under Arkansas law, when a driver is at fault for a collision, that driver (and/or their insurance company) can be held responsible for a wide variety of expenses associated with a tragic crash. These expenses can include hospital bills, funeral expenses, the price of repairing or replacing any lost or damaged property, and in some cases even pain and suffering associated with a tragedy.   Most of the time a driver has insurance coverage that cover these costs and protect them individually from financial repercussions, but unfortunately some drivers choose to drive illegally without insurance coverage.

When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Arkansas

Unfortunately, when the dollar figure associated with a specific motorcycle accident in Arkansas climbs too high, an insurance policy may not pay out as much as victims need during their recovery. With the average ER visit running between $1,200 and $2,300 in the United States, it’s not hard to see how quickly motorcycle accident related injuries can max out an insurance policy’s limits. In cases such as that, having an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Arkansas on your side is the best way to fight for the compensation you deserve.

A qualified legal expert can prove to insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, and judges that the injuries you suffered are indeed worth the monetary figure you’re asking for. By collecting evidence, demonstrating the financial, physical, and emotional impact of an accident, and presenting that case in an impactful and persuasive way, your Arkansas motorcycle accident attorney can ensure you get the help you need to put your life back together after a tragedy.

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