Vicious Dog Attack in Arkansas Leaves Pets Injured and Owners Emotionally Scarred

Rottweilers Maim Beloved Family Pets

A vicious dog attack in Fort Smith, Arkansas earlier this month could have ended much worse. A couple had taken their dogs on a leisurely stroll in a park when two Rottweilers appeared out of nowhere and began to savagely maul the family pets. The terrified owners tried desperately to free their beloved animals from the vicious dogs for several minutes until Good Samaritans who happened to be driving past stopped to help. They were able to pull the Rottweilers back and tossed the two injured household pets into the car and safety.

Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt in the attack, though the sheer terror the victims experienced as they watched their helpless pets being bitten, shaken, and tossed around was enough to scar them for a long time to come.

Police were called to investigate the attack and told local reporters ¬†that it wasn’t the first time they had responded to complaints involving these two particular Rottweilers. The dogs were legally declared “vicious” (a term defined by a local ordinance) and the owners will now have to comply with several stringent conditions in order to keep the animals.

In addition, the owner of the vicious dogs will likely have to reimburse the victims for the veterinary bills associated with the attack.

Dog Attacks Are a Life-and-Death Struggle

This vicious dog attack in Arkansas demonstrates just how quickly a pleasant afternoon stroll can turn into a literal life and death fight for freedom. Large, aggressive breeds of dogs (like Rottweilers) are responsible for the majority of serious dog attacks across the United States.  These big dogs can easily overpower children, elderly individuals, and even athletic men and women.

Common injuries suffered by victims of dog attacks here in Arkansas include:

  • Bites/lacerations (usually to the hands, arms, and legs)
  • Facial disfigurement (even to the point of blindness)
  • Bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Amputation

Even relatively minor dog bites can lead to serious infections and long-term complications.

Arkansas Dog Bite Laws

Here in Arkansas several municipalities (like Fort Smith) have passed legislation and ordinances that either outright forbid such animals to be kept as pets or require the owners to adhere to a set of rules (including always keeping the dog leashed or in a pen at all times) in order to keep such dogs.

Typically, such legislation or town ordinances include a list of dog species and conditions that must be met before an individual dog is deemed vicious. Those conditions usually include at least one prior instance of the animal attacking a human or another animal (even wild animals) regardless of whether or not any serious injuries were incurred.

In many municipalities, once a dog is deemed vicious and is either let “off the chain” or attacks another person or pet, animal control or police officers step in and seize the dog. In some cases the vicious dog may be euthanized by order of a judge.

Who Is Legally Responsible for Dog Attacks in Arkansas?

Under Arkansas state law, the owner of a vicious dog who attacks another animal or a human may be liable for the financial damages associated with that attack. Those damages could include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Veterinary bills
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Repair or replacement of damaged personal property (such as clothing, fencing, and even structures)

And in some cases the victims may also be given a financial award for physical pain and emotional distress.

When You Need an Arkansas Dog Bite Lawyer

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