Medical Expenses are Just One of the Costs Associated with Car Accidents In Arkansas

A car accident in Earle, Arkansas earlier this month demonstrates just how devastating even single-car crashes can be. On the afternoon of January 4th at around 4 PM, a minivan left the roadway, knocked down a utility pole, and smashed into the side of a home. The home was completely destroyed—the entire front of the building sheared off. The broken utility pole caused a fatal cascade in the power grid and knocked out electricity to the entire town. Thankfully, the residents of the home were not injured in the crash and the occupants of the minivan were spared as well. Photos from the scene of this shocking car accident in Arkansas show tremendous carnage and it’s hard to believe that there were no injuries at all.

However, when it comes to seeking financial compensation for losses incurred in an automobile accident, medical expenses are just a part of the picture.

Medical Expenses Make Up Lion’s Share of Compensation Packages

It’s true that medical expenses do comprise the bulk of any financial compensation package that a car accident victim is likely to receive from an at-fault party or their insurance company. Indeed, the average financial recovery for victims of car accidents in 2019 was just over $18,000. However, those numbers are often skewed because the cost associated with even minor injuries can be inflated.


For example, depending on which hospital or ER you go to, the cost associated with a simple fracture of a long bone (arm or leg) can run between $2,000 and $16,000. But it’s not just the big injuries like broken bones that can hit you in the wallet. Hospitals often itemize charges for every possible thing with some victims of car accidents seeing ERs charge up to $30 for a single Aspirin. In the end, a car accident resulting in relatively minor injuries can leave victims with medical expenses running into the tens of thousands of dollars.


Don’t Forget About Property Damage

However, when crafting a comprehensive compensation package after a car accident in Arkansas, you cannot forget about the non-medical expenses you may be entitled to as well. While these expenses are not often the “Big Ticket” items in a demand letter or insurance settlement, they can add up.


When another individual causes the car accident you are in, you are entitled to seek damages for personal property losses as well as medical expenses. “Personal Property” can include:

  • The clothing you were wearing at the time of the crash
  • Personal items that were on you at the time of the accident (electronics, jewelry, etc.)
  • Items that were in your vehicle (car seats, audio equipment, etc.)
  • Optional aftermarket equipment that was installed on your vehicle (body kits, exhausts, headlights)


You can even seek compensation for medical expenses incurred by your pets if they were in the vehicle at the time.


The compensation you’re entitled in regards to personal property loss will vary depending on a number of factors. If the item can be repaired, you may not be entitled to full replacement cost. If the item is older, you may have to absorb some depreciation. If the item can be replaced, the cost of the new replacement might be less than you paid for the original (such as cell phones).


Creating the Right Compensation Demand for You

In order to get the compensation you’re entitled to, you need to understand the total financial impact of your accident, not just the medical expenses you’ve incurred. Speaking with an experienced car accident attorney in Arkansas is likely your best bet. Such legal professionals not only know the “average” costs of such losses, but they can spot expenses that you may not have even considered (such as the cost of alternative transportation while your vehicle is being repaired).


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