Powered Scooter Accidents in Arkansas on the Rise

Years ago most of us didn’t envision a city where adults and young adults used powered scooters as a mode of transportation for work and/or fun.    But today we see those green and white scooters on many street corners and sidewalks.  They are a fun, alternative way of travel, and as technology has progressed, so has the interest for this mode of transportation.  On the flip side, as the prevalence of these aids increases in our city, so does the number of mobility scooter accidents in Arkansas.

Common Types of Scooter Accidents in Arkansas


Reports from emergency rooms around Arkansas show that the most common types of scooter accidents in the state are collisions. Whether the scooter operator collides with something or something collides with the scooter, the results—and injuries—are very similar.

Some common types of crashes include:

  • Scooter/vehicle collisions
  • Scooter /pedestrian collisions
  • Scooter/fixed object collisions

If that first one shocks you, you should know that there are roughly 4 car/scooter collisions every day in The United States.

Loss of Control

Another common type of scooter accident is when an operator loses control of the mobility aid (either because of mechanical fault or a surface defect) and the scooter falls off a raised surface (such as a raised sidewalk or ramp).

These types of accidents often result in severe head trauma and injuries to the arms and legs when the scooter user is thrown from the machine.

Speed is a Factor

While speed can be a contributing factor in any type of scooter accident, research concluded that it didn’t make a measurable difference in the injuries suffered by victims. In fact, it did not matter how fast a scooter was going at the time of the crash at all because both high-energy and low-energy crashes had the potential for very serious—even life-threatening—injuries.

Data shows that while high-energy crashes often resulted in head injuries in addition to thoracic trauma (chest injuries), low-energy crashes often resulted in serious trauma to the limbs—especially the legs.

Any of these injuries could result in the need for:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Hospitalization
  • Long-term recovery (including multiple outpatient procedures and physical therapy)
  • Even permanent disability

Indeed, the average scooter can travel at speeds between 4 and 8 miles per hour and delivered enough force upon impact to result in:

  • Lacerations and puncture injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Head trauma
  • And even soft-tissue damage like concussion and whiplash

Collisions with Motor Vehicles

If an operator of a scooter is involved in a collision with a motor vehicle, the injuries to the operator of the scooter could be serious.    If the driver of the vehicle was negligent, the victim could seek to recover damages from the insurance company of the negligent driver.

Defects Cause Scooter Accidents in Arkansas

Mobility scooters are built to give individuals flexibility and freedom. However, not all scooter manufacturers are equal.  Any manufacturer’s defect that may be passed on to the end-user could potentially cause a life-threatening accident.    Defects from wear and tear that have not been properly addressed by the company can end in injury to the user.

Indeed, in the recent past victims have been seriously injured by:

  • Parts of the mobility scooter breaking (and the machine literally falling apart)
  • Controls malfunction (throttle’s sticking, brakes failing, etc.)

If you or a loved one has been injured, through no fault of your own, on a power scooter, you may have the right to recover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Injury-related expenses (such as transportation costs and lost wages)

Having an experienced Arkansas power scooter accident attorney on your side can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim.

And it’s not just scooter companies that can be held liable for accidents here in Arkansas.  If an operator of a scooter is hit by a negligent driver of a motor vehicle, the victim may be able to recover from the insurance company of the driver.

When You Need an Arkansas Mobility Scooter Lawyer

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