Drugs Play Part in Hit-and-Run Car Accident in Arkansas

Hit-and-run car accidents in Arkansas can be some of the most difficult for victims because the at-fault party often gets away without ever being caught, but an injured party may still have options available to them for financial recovery.

One hit-and-run accident earlier this month ended in a graveyard.  The crime spree began in Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11th when a 17-year-old driver chose to use intoxicating drugs and get behind the wheel. This list of charges only grew from there as the impaired young driver smashed head-on into another vehicle at the intersection of North Division and West Highway 18 after turning into oncoming traffic. But the young man didn’t stop there. Instead of stopping his vehicle and waiting for authorities, like he should have done, he attempted to escape. Fleeing down the street in a heavily-damaged vehicle, the reckless driver jumped a curb and ran through a cemetery—smashing several grave markers along the way—before the engine actually fell out of his vehicle and the car came to a stop.

Police were then able to apprehend the young man and took him to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor wounds and to test for the presence of drugs in his bloodstream.

When it was all added up, the damages caused by this crime spree ran into the thousands of dollars—including repair costs for the 17 markers and 37 gravesites that he had damaged.

As tragic as this case is, it’s not the first run-in with the law that this young man has had. In fact, police records show that this was the third and fourth automobile incident that the individual had caused in recent months. He was already facing charges from at least one of those prior crashes and local media outlets were unable to determine whether or not he was even eligible to drive at the time of this latest crash.

Complex Crashes Lead to Complicated Recoveries

As spectacular as this story is, it serves as a demonstration of just how far-reaching the financial impact of a car accident in Arkansas can really be. Not only did the driver strike another vehicle, but he also damaged the personal property of multiple individuals.

Normally in such a case, the driver’s insurance company would have to foot the bill for the financial impact. However, it’s unclear if any of this damage will be covered by such a policy as the young man may not have legally been allowed to drive at the time of the crash. If the family insurance policy doesn’t provide compensation, the victims will be forced to pursue other routes to get the money they need to make essential repairs.

One option would be for them to use their own insurance policies to cover the damage.  Another option would be to file a civil lawsuit in Arkansas court against the young man (and his family as he is still classified as a minor). Such a lawsuit could potentially result in an out-of-court settlement or a court-ordered award.

There are a number of aspects to consider in such a complex case. Having an experienced Arkansas car accident attorney to rely upon during the process would be a tremendous advantage.  Experienced attorneys know there are sometimes other avenues of compensation that can be explored before reaching a settlement, ensuring the victim receives all the compensation possible.

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