Rear Collision Car Accidents in Arkansas Take a High Toll on Victims

Earlier this year a young boy was killed while out for a drive with his grandmother in Woodlawn. Their vehicle was struck from behind by another as the grandmother had stopped awaiting an opportunity to turn left onto Hill Harper Road. The boy, just 11 years old, was rushed to the hospital then sent further afield for treatment in Little Rock, but his injuries were too severe for him to overcome.

Unfortunately, these types of rear-end collisions car accidents in Arkansas are a significant hazard.

According to crash statistics collected by The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NTHSA), rear-end collisions are actually the most common type of crash nationwide. They represent almost a full third of all collisions (29%) and can cause some of the longest-lasting physical injuries suffered by victims. Indeed, victims who survive rear-end car accidents often suffer from neck and spinal cord injuries and a significant portion also have to deal with some form of Traumatic Brain Injury.

What Causes Rear-End Car Crashes in Arkansas?

Why are rear-end car crashes so common in Arkansas? No two car accidents are alike and there are a number of contributing factors to every crash. However, when you look at crash statistics and comb through them for patterns, several emerge.

A scientific study authored by researchers working for the NHTSA found that two of the leading contributing factors to rear-end collisions were:

1)  Distracted driving (by the following driver)

2)  Following too close to the lead car

While failure to signal a turn and braking patterns of the lead car did play a part in a portion of the rear-end car accidents examined, the authors of the study clearly feel that the major responsibility for avoiding rear-end crashes fall solely on the shoulders of the following drivers.

Indeed, the conclusion of the study was that the automobile industry needed to do more in order to help prevent these accidents. Researchers recommended development of some sort of “rear-signaling countermeasures” in order to:  (a) give following drivers the notice they needed to decelerate in time to avoid a collision; and (b) bring the attention of following drivers back to the road from whatever distractions they were dealing with.

Can You Prevent Rear-End Collisions?

The unfortunate answer to that question is “no.”

However, you can decrease your risk of being involved in this type of crash by:

  • Signaling well in advance of turns
  • Ensuring your signal lamps work and are visible
  • Braking appropriately in order to give following drivers a chance to slow


However, with the rise of distracted driving (now officially classified as an “epidemic”) and 65% of drivers admitting to speeding on a regular basis, controlling the risk is often out of your hands.

There is a bright spot for accident victims though. Because the following driver is at fault in the vast majority of rear-end collisions in Arkansas, you do have significant legal power after the fact. Indeed, proving liability in the event of a rear-end collision is often relatively easy.  The challenging part for the victim of these such collisions is getting just and fair compensation for his or her injuries.    The insurance company may offer a settlement, but that doesn’t mean that’s what the claim is worth.

Not only does having an experienced car accident attorney in Arkansas advocating for you make the settlement recovery process easier, but it also increases the award value that you’re likely to receive.

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