Arkansas Truck Accident Caused by Improper Loading

An 18- wheeler accident in Arkansas at the I-30 , I-440 interchange tied up westbound traffic for hours. Arkansas State Police say as the truck driver taking curve into I- 30 West, his load shifted and the 18-wheeler overturned.

This large truck accident shows how important loading trucks is for driver safety. Truck accidents caused by improper loading can lead to accidents that injure the truck driver and other drivers on Arkansas roads. Thankfully, this Arkansas truck accident did not cause a collision with a car or another truck. However, improper loading can lead to the truck losing control and causing a severe accident. After a truck accident, it is important that a truck accident lawyer be involved as soon as possible so that a proper investigation occurs.

If your loved one have been in a truck or car accident, please contact Paul Pfeifer, an Arkansas truck accident attorney, and make sure your rights are fully protected.

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