Arkansas Boating Accident

The University of Arkansas student who drove the boat in a boating crash that killed two fellow Arkansas students admitted consuming alcohol before the wreck occurred. An incident report indicates that the boat driver was arrested on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol after the 22-foot-long boat he was driving ran into a houseboat at the marina.

Arkansas boating wrecks cause serious injury and death. It is important that a designated driver be available when alcohol is consumed. As more and more Arkansas residents head out to the lakes and river to enjoy our wonderful state, potential incidents involving boating accidents are more likely to occur. Arkansas boaters must use safe practices when operating on Arkansas lakes and rivers. A review of Arkansas boating laws should be done to ensure all are boating safely. This is a link to the Arkansas Game and Fish review of Arkansas boating laws. Please review and have a safe summer. If you have any questions concerning boating rules and safety, please contact an Arkansas boating lawyer.

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