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A disturbing case of discrimination in the workplace in Arkansas has made national news as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission files a lawsuit against one of the country’s largest retailers:  Walmart. The agency is alleging that the company discriminated against a pregnant woman, failing to give her the concessions at work that she was entitled to under the law. Of course, a spokesperson from Walmart has denied that claim and issued a blanket statement that the rights of all its employees are paramount. But with Walmart’s seemingly checkered Civil Liberty’s record and history of antidiscrimination lawsuits and settlements, it’s hard for that statement to stand on its own.

Discriminating Against Pregnant Women is Illegal

The suit was filed after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigated the claims of a woman who worked for Walmart in 2015. Continue reading ›

Arkansas is an At-Will Employment State

When it comes to employment, Arkansas is an At-Will State. That means that technically an employer or employee can terminate a working relationship at any time with little or no explanation at all. This frees employers from the costly process of providing severance packages and allows employees to change jobs at any time without facing penalties.

However, that doesn’t mean that employers can terminate an employee for the wrong reasons. Under Arkansas law employment is protected under multiple circumstances. If a company violates Arkansas employment law the terminated employee can sue for compensation, reinstatement, or both.

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