Grocery Stores are Hotspots for Slip and Fall Accidents in Arkansas

We don’t often pay attention to the ground we’re walking on—especially when we’re shopping for dinner in a crowded supermarket. We’re thinking about menu options, trying to remember everything on the list (which we forgot at home), messing with coupon and loyalty apps on our phones, and wrangling kids through the congested aisles. But what we don’t see can hurt us. Slip and fall accidents in Arkansas grocery stores, supermarkets, and “Big Box” discount stores injure hundreds of hard-working people like you every year.  All it takes is one misstep and you’re out of commission for days, weeks, or even months.

What’s your family to do if you’re out of work? Can you pay $2,500 out of pocket for resetting a broken arm? Will you get the time off you need to heal correctly?

Slip and Fall Hazards in Arkansas Supermarkets

These types of stores are typically associated with higher rates of slip and fall accidents in Arkansas simply because there are more hazards inherent with:
1) The location of the buildings (usually not inside malls)
2) The infrastructure of the store itself (more refrigeration and water usage)
3) The types of product they sell (produce, seafood, frozen foods)

That danger is real and it creeps up on you before you even set foot inside:

• Cracked pavement
• Potholes
• Garbage and other debris
• Misaligned steps
• Uneven thresholds

Each and every one of these hazards can result in a painful sprain, torn ligament, or broken bone. In bad weather you have to be doubly cautious. Ice build-up, snow, even wet leaves left on the ground making simply crossing the parking lot treacherous.

Once inside you still need to be aware of the dangers that may exist. Frayed floor mats, spills, cardboard scraps, broken tiles, lettuce leaves—the list of potential slip hazards goes on.

Who is Responsible for Slip and Fall Accidents Inside Your Grocery Store?

If you’ve been hurt after slipping or falling in a grocery store, who is to blame?
Often the legal responsibility to protect customers falls to the store itself. Employees and supervisors are charged with inspecting the store for hazards (curled mats or rugs, puddles, and hoses stretched across walkways). They’re also expected to either clean these up or block off the area once a hazard has been brought to their attention. If they don’t, they could be leaving the store liable for your injuries.
Sometimes, that responsibility shifts to the property owner (from whom the store leases). For instance, if you step into a pothole in the parking lot and break your ankle, the property owner may be liable for your medical expenses because they didn’t fill the hole.

Fell in a Grocery Store in Arkansas? Here’s What to Do

1) Seek medical attention. A medical screening does two important things: 1) it identifies your injuries (even those that aren’t obvious) and 2) it creates documentation of those injuries that can be used to push back against insurance companies.
2) Document the scene of the accident. Take pictures, get the names and contact info of the employees and customers who saw you fall, and identify the manager on duty.
3) (Even if you haven’t done either of the first two) Speak with a slip and fall attorney in Arkansas to understand your rights.

Having an experienced slip and fall lawyer handling your claim can speed up the reimbursement process and ensure you get exactly what your injury is worth (not just what the at-fault party is willing to pay).
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