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LITTLE ROCK, AR – A semi-truck became wedged under a railroad overpass in Little Rock this morning.

According to THV 11, the truck crashed into the overpass sometime before 11 a.m. along 6th Street, in front of the Rail Yard restaurant.

The cause of the incident remains under investigation at this time.

Car crashes due to ice and snow are scary, for everyone involved.    If you can stay home, it’s always best to stay off the roadways.  But we all know that our essential workers have no choice but to get to work – we NEED them, and thankful for them – and there are times that we just have to get out there for various reasons.   Here are some tips to help:

Tips for Driving on the Roadways during Inclement Weather:

  •     Only drive on ice and snow if you feel comfortable doing so
  •     Remove ALL ice and snow from your vehicle before you leave the driveway
  •     Use four-wheel drive or a traction-control system if possible
  •     Know that ice can be ‘invisible’
  •     If you start to slide, steer the same direction as your back wheels are moving
  •     Do NOT ‘slam’ on the brakes
  •     Allow plenty of space between you and the forward vehicle
  •     Avoid using cruise control
  •     Drive in a lower gear
  •     Drive a little under the speed limit

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Two women were killed in a fatal trucking accident in Arkansas last month. The women were in a small SUV driving along Highway 59 just north of Gentry, Arkansas when their vehicle was crushed by an out-of-control semi. The crash happened just after 7 AM on the morning of November 24th. Accident recreation investigators pieced the collisions together after the fact and found that the semi crossed the center line into oncoming traffic around a slight curve in the road and then tipped on its side. The SUV was smashed under the bulk of the truck and the passenger compartment of the vehicle collapsed under the weight.

The driver of the truck was also injured in the crash and was taken to a nearby hospital by EMT’s responding to the scene. There has been no word yet as to whether criminal charges will be filed in the crash or if the victims’ surviving family members will be seeking compensation from the driver or the company for which they work. Continue reading ›

Spinal cord injuries can occur in any number of situations from car and motorcycle crashes to more common accidents like slips and falls. In many cases, liability (financial responsibility) can be assigned to an individual or corporation (such as the store in which the slip occurred or the job site at which the victim fell). However, even when victims win shockingly large insurance settlements after paralysis accidents in Arkansas, they may still be faced with expensive long-term care that can bankrupt family savings accounts and leave survivors feeling helpless.

If you’ve been involved in an accident at work, on the road, or even in a parking lot and are facing the effects of a spinal cord injury, it’s helpful to know just how much your recovery is likely to cost in order to calculate a fair insurance settlement or a potential court award.

Types of Accidents and Injuries Likely to Cause Paralysis

Fatal Drunk Driving Accident in Arkansas Leaves Two First Responders Injured

A fatal drunk driving accident in Arkansas earlier this month left two members of an ambulance crew seriously injured and claimed the life of an intoxicated automobile operator. The crash happened on Interstate 40 near Little Rock Arkansas at around 5 AM on the morning of March 1st.

A car, operated by a local woman, was traveling at speed the wrong way down I-40 when it crashed head-on into the ambulance. The driver was killed instantly. Chemical testing after the crash revealed that the woman had a Blood Alcohol Content level of 0.164—twice the legal limit in Arkansas.

Last month a 28-year-old man was arrested after an extensive search by local police following a hit and run accident in Arkansas. The individual had been involved in a near-fatal accident on January 14th near Fern’s Valley Loop and Arkansas 264. The driver turned himself in after several hours on the run. The victim is still in the hospital facing a tremendously difficult and long-lasting road to recovery with little more than a charitable donation website to support him.

Unfortunately, these types of stories are becoming all-too-common as the number of hit and run accidents in Arkansas increases on pace with national trends. Indeed, this terrible problem is something our nation is facing as a whole. But what’s causing the increase? It may be, in part, due to a crisis of irresponsibility.

Hit and Run Accidents On the Rise Nationwide

Around 2:30 a.m. this morning a charter bus was found overturned in a ditch near Hot Springs.   The bus was carrying the Orange Mound youth all-star football team and chaperones.   The driver of the charter bus lost control of the bus, causing it to skid off the roadway, ultimately landing on its side in a ditch off I30 near the Hot Springs exit.   A third-grade child was killed in this bus accident, and at least 45 others were injured.   Children between the ages of 8-13 were treated at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton and Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.   Two people were airlifted.   The charter bus was owned by a company out of Somerville, Tennessee called Scott Shuttle Service.

Deaths caused by a bus wreck are rare, but obviously no one is immune from the dangers of driving on the interstates and roadways.   The bus driver was interviewed by police, but it is unknown at this time why she lost control.

A few common causes of losing control of a bus include:

A potentially lethal trucking accident in Arkansas this past week highlights the danger we are all in when travelling the busy interstate highway system crisscrossing our state. Part of Arkansas 7 was actually shut down on January 8th after an 18-wheeler hauling thousands of gallons of a caustic acid overturned just south of Jasper, Arkansas. Rescue crews and hazmat teams rushed to the scene to find what was labelled a “small” leak coming from the truck’s hazardous contents. The entire roadway was cordoned off to prevent exposure to this toxic chemical (used as a cleaner in industrial settings).

Cleanup crews quickly had the situation under control but had the leak been larger or the chemicals the big rig was hauling more volatile, the entire situation could have ended badly—not only for the trucker but for anyone within the area. Continue reading ›

Most car accidents involve the fault of one or more of the parties involved. Generally speaking, anyone injured in a car accident can file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver they feel was responsible for the accident. However, in some cases, an accident may involve not just the fault of one or more of the parties involved but also a negligently designed or poorly maintained roadway. In many states, lawsuits against state and local governments based on poorly designed or maintained roadways are permitted, but Arkansas’ system of government immunity almost completely eliminates a government’s liability in these situations.

Arkansas law does permit an accident victim to file a personal injury lawsuit against another driver they believe to be at fault for the accident causing their injuries. If successful, the injured party can receive compensation for their past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and any pain and suffering caused by the accident.

As it pertains to claims against the government, Arkansas has a very strict system of government immunity. Arkansas government immunity prevents injured parties from filing personal injury cases against the state and local governments except in some very rare situations.

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A Log Truck Driver in a deadly accident had his probation revoked. According to news accounts, the truck driver admitted to the police that he used meth before a wreck that occurred in Clinton, Arkansas. The reports indicate that it is still undetermined when the meth was used and if it was a cause of the log truck overturning.

The truck accident injured multiple people and killed two construction workers. The initial reports indicate that a tire blowout was the cause of the wreck. It seems that the investigation is still ongoing and the Arkansas State Police are looking at other possible causes. In truck accident case the cause of the wreck is initially undetermined. It is important to look at all possible causes such as tire failure, driver fatigue, reckless driving or intoxication.

Truck accidents cause serious injury and often result is death for the victims. It is important that truck drivers obey all traffic laws and DOT regulations to make Arkansas highways as safe as possible.

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