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The death of a driver who was using a driverless automobile is causing great concern as the number of driverless cars reach the road in substantial numbers.  Over the past year I have read story after story describing the coming day when driverless cars take over the roads.  According to the news reports, the driver died because the cameras on the Tesla Model S failed to distinguish the white side of a turning tractor trailer from the sky and didn’t automatically brake to stop the car.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will investigate how Tesla’s Autopilot system performed at the time of the crash. Continue reading ›

Fatal Drunk Driving Accident in Arkansas Leaves Two First Responders Injured

A fatal drunk driving accident in Arkansas earlier this month left two members of an ambulance crew seriously injured and claimed the life of an intoxicated automobile operator. The crash happened on Interstate 40 near Little Rock Arkansas at around 5 AM on the morning of March 1st.

A car, operated by a local woman, was traveling at speed the wrong way down I-40 when it crashed head-on into the ambulance. The driver was killed instantly. Chemical testing after the crash revealed that the woman had a Blood Alcohol Content level of 0.164—twice the legal limit in Arkansas.

A terrifying car accident in Fayetteville in March of this year left five people injured. However, the car crash didn’t happen on the highway or at a busy intersection—it happened inside a coffee shop.

On March 22nd patrons of Baba Boudan’s Espresso Café were in line waiting for their favorite coffee beverages when an SUV smashed through the wall, burying itself completely inside the building. In the chaos that ensued, rescuers pulled five injured victims from the rubble, all of whom are expected to survive.

Arkansas car accident investigators with the local police department pieced together details of the crash from physical evidence at the scene as well as eye witness testimony. It appears as if the driver of the SUV (an unlicensed teenager) lost control of the vehicle after swerving to avoid a minor car crash in the roadway ahead. It’s unclear why the young driver was traveling so fast through a busy commercial area but the vehicle “plowed” right through steel barriers designed to keep pedestrians on the sidewalks (and inside the retail storefronts) along this stretch of street safe.

Last month a 28-year-old man was arrested after an extensive search by local police following a hit and run accident in Arkansas. The individual had been involved in a near-fatal accident on January 14th near Fern’s Valley Loop and Arkansas 264. The driver turned himself in after several hours on the run. The victim is still in the hospital facing a tremendously difficult and long-lasting road to recovery with little more than a charitable donation website to support him.

Unfortunately, these types of stories are becoming all-too-common as the number of hit and run accidents in Arkansas increases on pace with national trends. Indeed, this terrible problem is something our nation is facing as a whole. But what’s causing the increase? It may be, in part, due to a crisis of irresponsibility.

Hit and Run Accidents On the Rise Nationwide

Around 2:30 a.m. this morning a charter bus was found overturned in a ditch near Hot Springs.   The bus was carrying the Orange Mound youth all-star football team and chaperones.   The driver of the charter bus lost control of the bus, causing it to skid off the roadway, ultimately landing on its side in a ditch off I30 near the Hot Springs exit.   A third-grade child was killed in this bus accident, and at least 45 others were injured.   Children between the ages of 8-13 were treated at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton and Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.   Two people were airlifted.   The charter bus was owned by a company out of Somerville, Tennessee called Scott Shuttle Service.

Deaths caused by a bus wreck are rare, but obviously no one is immune from the dangers of driving on the interstates and roadways.   The bus driver was interviewed by police, but it is unknown at this time why she lost control.

A few common causes of losing control of a bus include:

A deadly car accident in Arkansas was likely caused by excessive speed. That’s according to police accident reconstruction specialists investigating the fatal car crash in Texarkana. The crash occurred at around 5:30 PM on the afternoon of March 20th when one vehicle was “T-Boned” by another. The driver of the vehicle that was struck was pinned inside the twisted wreckage of her sedan. Rescue crews struggled to extricate her and rushed her to a nearby hospital but her injuries proved too severe. She passed away shortly thereafter.

Excessive Speed is a Top Contributing Factor to Car Accidents in Arkansas

Police investigating this terrible deadly car crash in Texarkana collected evidence at the scene that suggests the vehicle which struck the victim was likely exceeding the posted speed limit at the time of the crash. If true, this crash was just one of the hundreds that occur every year in Arkansas in which at least one driver was operating their vehicle at unsafe speeds. In fact, excessive speed contributed to 31% of all fatal car crashes in the United States between 2005 and 2014.

While it’s difficult to prove such accusations after the fact, forensic evidence like skid marks, auto computer data, and eye witness testimonies can often eliminate the shadow of doubt in investigators’ eyes. If that accusation can be proven, it goes a long way toward shifting the liability for the crash onto the speeding driver. Continue reading ›

Pedestrian Accident in Arkansas Refocuses Attention on Dangerous Downtown Street

A 47-year-old woman was killed in Arkansas earlier this month while she was waiting to cross the street at a busy intersection in Little Rock. The fatal pedestrian accident in Little Rock happened at around 11 on the morning of February 5th at the intersection of West 6th Street and Broadway. Two cars collided in the intersection. The force of the impact drove both cars off the street and onto the sidewalk. The victim was struck while waiting at curbside for the crosswalk light to change.

Little Rock Police are investigating the crash and have asked eye-witnesses to come forward. There have been no citations issued pending the results of that investigation but it appears as if at least one of the drivers ignored the traffic signal and entered the intersection while they faced a red light.

In this particular car accident in Little Rock, the force of the crash was so great that the victim was knocked almost 80 feet from the point of impact. That demonstrates that at least one of the vehicles was likely travelling at an unsafe speed at the time of the crash. Continue reading ›

Distracted Driving Leaves its Mark on Innocent Victims in Arkansas

Statistics show that if you’ve been hurt in a car accident on the highway in Arkansas, there’s a big chance your injuries were caused by a distracted driver. Indeed, the number of people hurt in car crashes on      I-40, I-530, I-30 and elsewhere is skyrocketing as distracted and careless drivers simply ignore Arkansas traffic laws and take the fate of others into their own hands.

And while there’s very little you can do to protect yourself from being involved in a wreck caused by reckless drivers on the highways in Arkansas, you can take steps to minimize the stress of your recovery process by taking necessary steps to ensure you are getting the proper medical care for your injuries, knowing your rights, and knowing that your claim is being handled properly and efficiently.   Insurance companies have lawyers working on their behalf, and so should you.     Continue reading ›

If you or a family member has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Arkansas, chances are the last thing on your mind is the machinations of the state’s legal system. You’re pouring all your effort into recovering from your injuries one day at a time. But there are important factors which can determine the long-term outcome of your recovery that must be addressed as soon as possible. Chief among them is determining who exactly is at fault. This has a tremendous impact on your ability to provide a stable financial situation for yourself and your family following a devastating motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle Accidents in Arkansas are Increasing

There were 79 fatal motorcycle accidents in Arkansas in 2015 according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). That number represents a 25% increase over the previous year’s figures and makes 2015 the deadliest year for motorcyclists since 2010 (and the second deadliest since way back in 2006). To put these numbers in perspective, deaths caused by motorcycle accidents in Arkansas represent over 13% of all traffic fatalities even though there are only 91,000 bikes registered as opposed to almost 950,000 automobiles. And it’s estimated that for every fatal motorcycle accident there are between 3 and 10 non-fatal accidents which leave riders suffering from serious, long-lasting injuries.

Determining fault in an Arkansas car accident is not always a straightforward affair. While some accidents lend themselves to simple explanations of what happened, others present a much less clear situation.

Normally, police or other investigative authorities will survey the scene of an accident for evidence that can help them determine what caused a car accident and who was at fault. Of course, this may mean collecting physical evidence from the scene of the accident, and it may also include noting skid marks, checking cell phone records, and surveying nearby homes and businesses for video surveillance.

As video technology has increased over the years, the price of high-quality surveillance systems has significantly dropped, making them more affordable for homeowners and business owners. While owners of these surveillance systems are not likely thinking about catching an accident on tape, police can request video that may be able to help them determine what happened in the moments leading up to a serious accident.

Continue reading ›

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