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LITTLE ROCK, AR – Entergy Arkansas customers in Little Rock were left without power after a vehicle slammed into a utility pole this morning.

According to a report by THV 11, the vehicle snagged the pole and telecommunications cable near Chester Street and Markham Street shortly before 9:30 a.m.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – A woman was fatally hit by a motor vehicle on Pike Avenue last Friday evening, KARK reports.

While the exact location of the collision is not mentioned in their reporting, we know that it occurred around 7:30 p.m. on October 1. Police questioned the driver, and said that their investigations are ongoing.

We will continue to monitor this developing story and will provide further information as possible.

Car crashes due to ice and snow are scary, for everyone involved.    If you can stay home, it’s always best to stay off the roadways.  But we all know that our essential workers have no choice but to get to work – we NEED them, and thankful for them – and there are times that we just have to get out there for various reasons.   Here are some tips to help:

Tips for Driving on the Roadways during Inclement Weather:

  •     Only drive on ice and snow if you feel comfortable doing so
  •     Remove ALL ice and snow from your vehicle before you leave the driveway
  •     Use four-wheel drive or a traction-control system if possible
  •     Know that ice can be ‘invisible’
  •     If you start to slide, steer the same direction as your back wheels are moving
  •     Do NOT ‘slam’ on the brakes
  •     Allow plenty of space between you and the forward vehicle
  •     Avoid using cruise control
  •     Drive in a lower gear
  •     Drive a little under the speed limit

Car Accident Statistics for Winter Weather Continue reading ›

A car accident in Earle, Arkansas earlier this month demonstrates just how devastating even single-car crashes can be. On the afternoon of January 4th at around 4 PM, a minivan left the roadway, knocked down a utility pole, and smashed into the side of a home. The home was completely destroyed—the entire front of the building sheared off. The broken utility pole caused a fatal cascade in the power grid and knocked out electricity to the entire town. Thankfully, the residents of the home were not injured in the crash and the occupants of the minivan were spared as well. Photos from the scene of this shocking car accident in Arkansas show tremendous carnage and it’s hard to believe that there were no injuries at all.

However, when it comes to seeking financial compensation for losses incurred in an automobile accident, medical expenses are just a part of the picture. Continue reading ›

Two women were killed in a fatal trucking accident in Arkansas last month. The women were in a small SUV driving along Highway 59 just north of Gentry, Arkansas when their vehicle was crushed by an out-of-control semi. The crash happened just after 7 AM on the morning of November 24th. Accident recreation investigators pieced the collisions together after the fact and found that the semi crossed the center line into oncoming traffic around a slight curve in the road and then tipped on its side. The SUV was smashed under the bulk of the truck and the passenger compartment of the vehicle collapsed under the weight.

The driver of the truck was also injured in the crash and was taken to a nearby hospital by EMT’s responding to the scene. There has been no word yet as to whether criminal charges will be filed in the crash or if the victims’ surviving family members will be seeking compensation from the driver or the company for which they work. Continue reading ›

A man was killed in a tragic truck accident in Arkansas late last month—just hours after the Thanksgiving Holiday. The individual was part of a team of two employed by the city of Little Rock, Arkansas to clean up leaves and other debris along the roadside. The two men were working along North Cypress Street when tragedy struck. One young man—just 21-years-old—was outside the truck while the other unnamed individual was driving. The worker outside the vehicle was somehow struck by the truck and critically injured.

Emergency services were immediately notified and several local agencies responded to the call within minutes. However, the young man’s injuries proved too severe to overcome. He was pronounced dead. Continue reading ›

It’s not often that victims and their family members get the justice they deserve after hit and run motorcycle accidents in Arkansas. Arkansas has relatively few cameras in public areas and on traffic lights fixtures when compared to more urbanized areas of the country. That makes identifying and tracking down at-fault drivers much more difficult. Accident investigators have to rely on eyewitness testimony and physical evidence (such as tire impressions) left at the scene of the crime in order to focus in on potential suspects. However, sometimes, when all the pieces fall into place, justice is served. Such was the case last month when a motorcycle accident in Little Rock, Arkansas ended in tragedy.

A young man was riding his motorcycle along Asher Avenue in Little Rock when he was struck and killed by a Cadillac Escalade. He was ejected from the bike and the motorcycle burst into flames. The SUV drove off after rolling over the victim and sped away. Eyewitnesses to the motorcycle accident called emergency services but the victim had passed away by the time EMTs arrived. Continue reading ›

Slip and fall accidents in Arkansas are among the most common causes of ER visits in the state. It’s estimated that nationwide roughly 1 million emergency department visits are because of injuries suffered in a fall. And while the majority of a slip and fall accidents result in minor bruising and maybe some scraped flesh, at least 5% of people break bones when they fall. In addition, head trauma (specifically traumatic brain injury—or TBI—like concussion) is a serious risk as well. And you can expect to compound any of those injuries if the victim is older than 65. But none of those statistics really speak to the true financial costs associated with slip and fall accidents.

Hospital Bills Aren’t the Only Drain on Your Finances

At least one source estimates that medical expenses alone from slip and fall accidents across the country cost Americans roughly $34 billion every year. And that’s just the direct medical expenses. That figure doesn’t take into account:

  • Physical therapy and other post-ER treatment
  • Lost wages (due to missing work)
  • Prescription costs (pain relievers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory medications are all commonly prescribed)
  • Various and sundry expenses (like travel to and from doctor visits) that add up daily

Continue reading ›

Two men were killed and another seriously injured in a terrible car crash in Arkansas earlier this month. The three individuals were in an SUV traveling along Ashley County Road in rural Ashley County, Arkansas in windy and rainy weather with poor visibility when tragedy struck. The vehicle, a Ford Escape, left the road as it attempted to navigate a tight corner. It struck a culvert in a ditch and continued traveling, striking several trees before coming to a stop. Two of the individuals in the vehicle (the driver and one passenger) were killed instantly. The second passenger was left with serious, life-threatening injuries.

These two traffic deaths mark the 457th and 458th this year on Arkansas roads according to one preliminary study of crash data collected from around the state.

Contributing Factors Don’t Necessarily Negate Liability

Car accidents in Arkansas are more common when contributing factors like bad weather and poor visibility come into play. Such conditions not only make it more difficult for drivers to safely negotiate traffic, turns, and hills, but they also can make it impossible for a vehicle to physically handle the drive. Cars are mechanical devices and are subject to the laws of physics. If slick conditions eliminate the friction of tire-on-pavement, a car will slide. If a wind gust hits the side of a large vehicle, the vehicle will act like a sail. Continue reading ›

Slip and fall accidents in Arkansas are common. They’re also costly. And if you’ve been injured yourself, the key thing to remember is that slip and fall accidents in public places are not your fault. In fact, Arkansas law mandates that the owners and the operators of publicly accessible establishments like convenience stores, grocery stores, big-box stores, and even apartment complexes take certain precautions to protect people on that property from falling.

Such regulations cover common causes of and factors which contribute to slip and fall accidents like:

  • Broken or uneven pavement/pavers (which cause the majority of sidewalk and parking lot slip and fall accidents)
  • Snow and ice build-up
  • Water, debris, electrical cords, hoses, and other hazards in walkways
  • Rolled/curled or lump carpeting or mats
  • Poorly constructed or damaged staircases

How Common Are Slip and Fall Accidents in Arkansas?

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